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Know Your Food

To Love on Your Family, Friends, & Self
  • Stop going out to eat and start preparing your own meals.

  • Yes, this may take more time than you think you have, but with today's technologies available, you may find it takes less time than you think. It's a matter of just learning how, developing your own style, and then scheduling it.

  • Yes, it is more expensive at present, but God's value of you proves that you are worth it. Entertainment and leisurely activities can wait for now. Even exercise can be scaled back temporarily. There will be more time for entertainment, sports, and exercise once the learning curve has died down a bit.

  • Purchase food from a local farmer near you. They are only allowed to sell what they produce off their farm. In some states, they are not allowed to sell their neighbor farm's products. So, you may need to visit multiple farms. This also means you will need to understand that produce and meat are grown and raised on a seasonal basis. Not everything will be available when you want it unless you choose to put up extra supplies while it is in season, or find a farmer that will plant and harvest on your schedule.

  • For city dwellers, find a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) as a food source. This means you will be expected to conform to the laws of the land that control what local producers can sell and how they sell them. For example, you may be expected to purchase a portion of a living animal. That specific animal will go to the butcher once it is completed sectioned off to multiple owners. The owners of the animal will be listed on the paperwork when the animal is presented to a local custom butcher who will wrap the meat accordingly. the CSA will collect the portioned parcels from the butcher and arrange for you to get your meat.

  • Join a bulk retail supplier like Natural Grocers or Azure Standard. These types of retail outlets mimic grocery stores but only sell organic, bulk, sustainably-raised, or humanely raised food products. You may have to adjust your schedule to accommodate their individual business models.

  • Contact your local government officials and tell them you want your freedom to purchase your own choice of meats, dairy, and produce as well as other sundry items like honey, soaps, etc. from the local farmers you trust without turning them into criminals for selling them to you. In most states, it is legal to purchase but ILLEGAL to sell things like raw whole milk, farmer-owned meat butchered by custom butchers, candles made by the farmer's daughter.

  • Grow your own salad greens in the basement. It is very possible with today's technologies. Just be careful to not go overboard with luxury plant items like fertilizers, grow lights, expensive containers & shelves, or air conditioning.

  • Plant edible gardens or food forests around the borders of your yard and as part of the landscape.

  • Many food plants are nice on the eyes, easy to grow, and will save you from needless work like tilling soil and pulling weeds if you know how to do this correctly.

  • Every plant has its own needs so there is bound to be a corner or two that will suit your favorite plants nicely. Start with one plant and plant it in different places around the yard to find the spot it likes the best. Next year add two more plants and learn from the plants. Do not trellis anything until you know the plant and what it likes. That way you can save money on specialty gardening equipment needed for only select plants.