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The Delightful Light Post is a free newsletter for everyone. No membership to the Delightful Light Home Artist Community is required. But subscribers should know that time-sensitive announecments are posted first in the Home Artist Community to give its members advance notice. This is just one of their perks for participating in the community.

So in order to prove we value our subscribers equally as much, The Delightful Light Post will be emailed infrequently to avoid bombarding inboxes with frivolous content. Because of this frequency choice, it may be found in your spam folder. Apparently this marketting strategy is a "no, no". But according to Jesus, you are more important than your money which makes this is the only way to prove that to you.

I hope you will find our content to your liking. If not, please use the Home Artist Community to make newsletter content suggestions. Thank you for understanding my heart.



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