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Finished Size Approximately: 84" x 112"


Appropriate for Mattress Sizes: Long Twin, Short Twin with room for a pajama tuck.


Approximate Time to Complete the Quilt Top:

Experienced Quilters, 48 hours

Beginning Quilters, 72 hours


Mistake Buster: The seams inside each block will align nicely, but the seams between blocks will often be 1/2" offset to intentionally help hide common mistakes beginners make.

Empowered to Win 2

SKU: PPB072118Aliens
  • Prairie Pop Blueprints are both quilt designs and quilt design templates that not only teach beginner sewers how to quilt, but also empowers experienced quilters to create stunning one-of-a-kind heirloom quilts without a lot of math, tedious coloring, or expensive practice attempts that waist fabric with every mistake.

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