Diane Pebley

Award-winning Quilter,

Dressmaker, Singer/Songwriter

Fast Track
Sewing & Quilting Course

Learn to sew the easy way by learning to quilt simultaneously. Yep, it's possible and it's the best approach for way too many reasons to list here. Students also develop the fundamentals of design without math, geometry, coloring or drafting.

What's Next?

Imagine, fashion sewers can easily reuse apparel patterns and quilters can put those expensive rulers back to work all without copying someone else's creativity. Why? because once the fundamentals are mastered, the rules for sewing success NEVER change. It really is possible to tackle any commercial sewing project with confidence and clarity.

So, you already know how to sew. Excellent!

Now we can have some fun together!

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Free Stuff

Anything from digital files to physical objects while supplies last

Head Starts

Advance notification of time sensitive challenges, and creative events

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Badges of honor to remember and treasure your achievements

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Be invited to share your talents and creativity in Delightful Light videos.

Chat Boxes

Dive deep into specific sewing and quilting skills one box at a time.

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