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Diane Pebley

Award-winning quilter and seamstress of 40 plus years, Diane's passion is to share her Mother's sewing legacy with rising generations. To this end, she has taught classes through college level community education programs, in quilt shops along the Wasatch Front in both Salt Lake and Utah counties. She also pours out her love on children struggling with life-altering diseases, violent crime and major disasters as the Assistant Leader for the Salt Lake Chapter of Quilts for Kids.

Fast Track to Quilt Design & Construction explains the fastest and easiest quilting techniques from start to finish. It is also the first step in Diane's unique approach of mixing and matching different quilt elements for stunning one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Beginner sewers benefit from detailed instructions that develop good sewing practices and skills. Experienced sewers enjoy the streamlined chapter layouts and easy-to-read charts to speed them along towards expressing their own quilting prowess.

Diane Pebley

Award-winning Quilter,

Dressmaker, Singer/Songwriter

Learn to Sew the Easy Way

With easy shapes, easy fabrics, easy techniques, small pieces, and just enough repetition to drill in the core skills that develop the confidence to work the fabric through the machine.

Quilt Design
Fast Track
Sewing &
Quilting Course

All start with a quilt. Dressmakers & Tailors enthusiasts continue with fashion design and apparel while quilters continue with more challenging quilt designs. But, all learn to avoid the school of hard knocks.

Delightful Light Home Artist Community

Dear Sewers of all skill levels,


The Delightful Light Home Artist Community was created to help you learn to sew the easy way. To this end, you will have access to your own secure member's area where you can share textile achievements, seek help for sewing struggles, as well as join others in learning how to draft patterns, tailor, and sew crafts or accessories like purses, home decor, and quilting. Sew projects for personal use or to bless your family, friends, or your local community. Membership in this community is currently free. For a list of benefits, head down to the bottom of the page at this link.

Staystitched with me and may all your sewing projects be finished with ease (pun intended).

Your Kindred Dressmaker,