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Back in the 70s when I worked as a receptionist for an airline and later a law office, it was my job to file errata sheets. I literally filed 100s of them maybe even 1000's. A lawyer kindly explained why. Inexperienced readers most likely will not know when or where errors occur in technical publications. So, they won't know to look in a special place to find any corrections to those publications.

Do yourself a favor. Obtain a current errata sheet from any and all publishers especially when following technical manuals of any kind or YouTube videos for that matter. Then, find every error indicated on the sheet and mark all the corrections in the book. Avoid taping errata sheets inside book covers. Years from now when that tape disintegrates and the errata sheet is lost, heartaches will be averted.


To date, only one errata sheet exists for Delightful Light publications. It is for Fast Track to Quilt Design & Construction.